Why Choose Us

The Three Strengths of Sunsho Pharmaceutical

In response to an increase in self-care awareness and lifestyle changes, the market is calling for new, value-added products and services.
The health food industry is no exception and Sunsho Pharmaceutical recognizes the need to evolve from an OEM company into an innovation co-creation company.
Leveraging our three strengths honed over many years, we will be moving forward to this next stage with our customers.

Proposals by Industry

Our capsule formulation technology has enabled Sunsho Pharmaceutical to actively promote new applications for their products across multiple industries beyond health foods and dietary supplements.
Seasonings and aromatics –why not bring your ideas to life?

Development and Production Support

At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, we embark on the journey together with our customers to develop new products.
Our broad range of experience in the pharmaceutical industry allows us to work with you across all the stages.
We can take you from strategizing products for new market entry, developing and designing the product, submitting appropriate regulatory documentation, before finally packaging and delivering the product.