Reduction of environmental load

Basic concept

  • We recognize that our business activities impose an impact on the environment, particularly in the product manufacturing process.
    To address this, Sunsho Pharmaceutical has adopted "Environmental Targets 2030" to achieve a sustainable future and ensure continuous corporate growth. We are committed to promoting environmental activities that contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of local communities. By doing so, we hope to minimize our environmental impact and create a better future for generations to come.

Efforts to achieve “Environmental Targets 2030”

  • Greenhouse Gasses (CO2)

    Achieve 20% reduction by 2030

    • Introduction of waste heat utilization system for combustion equipment
    • Introduction of power consumption monitoring systems
    • Replace conventional lighting with LED
    • Convert the company fleet to electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Total CO2 emissions of all factories
  • Waste volume

    Achieve 20% reduction by 2030

    • Distribute unnecessary items to employees who desire them
    • Recycle by waste separation
    • Reduction of loss rate by improving production yield
  • Industrial waste volume
  • Less Paper

    Achieve 20% reduction by 2030

    • Digital distribution of in-house magazines on our portal site
    • Digitalization of FAX and surveys
    • Introduction of purchase order management system and document control software
  • Office paper usage