Seamless capsules

Seamless capsules with a high degree of freedom in product design.

These seamless capsules are manufactured using the property of liquids to form a spherical shape due to interfacial tension.
The capsule diameters size ranges from as small as 1 mm to as large as 10 mm,
The size of the capsule can be freely set, and the thickness and hardness of the shell can be adjusted.
They can also be mixed and blended into other products as small, granulated capsules.

Features and benefits

  • Flexibility in diameter and film thickness

    Flexibility in diameter and shell thickness

    Seamless capsules can be produced from 1mm – 10mm in diameter and in several 10s of micrometers – several thousands of micrometers in shell thickness to suit various ingredients and purposes.
  • Broad range of dissolving time

    Broad range of dissolving times

    Seamless capsules can be designed to dissolve in the body anywhere from several seconds to several hours according to the ingredients’ characteristics.
  • Flexibility in product design

    Flexibility in product design

    Heat-resistant capsules that protect the contents without rupturing the shell even at high temperatures can also be produced, as can capsules that can contain oil-based substances in an aqueous solution. Beverages, lotion, and shampoo are examples of applications.

Shape of seamless capsules

  • Shape of seamless capsules
  • A. External shell

    • * Edible elastic shell that is made of gelatin, starch, agar-agar, carrageenan, etc.
    • * Several tens of micrometers to several thousands of micrometers in thickness.
    • * The shell can be blended with colorings, preservatives, fragrances, and flavorings. It can also be applied with various types of coating.

    B. Contents

    • * Oil-based liquid (vegetable oil, animal oil, fragrances, etc. that are in liquid form at room temperature)
    • * Solid fat that dissolves with low heat (< 60 degrees Celsius)
    • * Powder (in oil suspension)

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seamless capsules