Soft capsules that dissolve quickly

Quickly dissolves in the body and absorbs the ingredients
Soft capsule that ensures digestion and absorption of the ingredients.

The gelatin shell of soft capsules can be easily affected by heat, light, or the ingredients in the capsule's contents. This can result in a delay in the dissolution of the capsule and in the absorption of the key ingredients. To prevent this, we have developed an original soft capsule formulation that dissolves quickly after ingestion. This allows for proper digestion and absorption by the body.
There are two types of dissolving delay prevention shells: gelatin shell and vegetable shell. Either can be chosen based on the contents and intended product image. Gelatin shell is available in a variety of formulas and we can recommend the best one for the product features you require.

The dissolution performance of health foods is an important characteristic, subject even to surprise inspections by the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.

  • Comparison of disintegration time

    Dissolution within the stipulated 20 minutes even when stored for four months at the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

    *According to Sunsho Pharmaceutical data

Features and benefits

  • Multiple Formulations

    Suggesting the optimum formula from multiple options according to contents

    Propose the best formulation according to content ingredients

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical has developed multiple shell formulations to meet the needs of various contents and dissolution timings. We will propose the most appropriate formulation to meet your needs.
  • Verified effects on contents.

    Verified disintegration performance confirmed by testing

    Reliable dissolution performance confirmed by testing

    We have validated the effectiveness of our shell compositions in preventing polyphenol and other compounds prone to delayed dissolution. You can utilize it with confidence.
  • Response to Foods with Function Claims

    Support for the development of Foods with Function Claims, which have disintegration performance requirements

    We provide support for the development of Foods with Function Claims which have dissolution performance requirements.

    Under the Food with Function notification system, dissolution must be described in the "Matters Pertaining to Production, Manufacture and Quality Control" for processed foods in the form of supplements. We propose appropriate formulations in conjunction with support for description, labeling and notification.
  • Pleasing appearance

    Aesthetically-pleasing appearance equivalent to regular soft capsules even after adding the disintegration function

    Even when the dissolving feature is added, the capsules have the same aesthetic appeal as ordinary soft capsules.

    The product appearance, gloss, stability, and other characteristics of dissolution delay prevention capsules are the same as those of regular soft capsules. The product's appearance can be guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing.