Heat-resistant and
Moisture-resistant Soft Capsules

Safely and reliably overcomes issues of adhesion
and alteration due to heat and humidity.

Soft capsules dissolve in the stomach at body temperature. When exposed to a hot and humid environment above body temperature, a portion of the capsule shell dissolves causing the capsules to adhere to each other. Heat and humidity resistant soft capsules have been developed to resolve this problem during storage. They are ideal for products that may be placed in places with high temperatures or high humidity.

Enhanced heat- and moisture-resistance allows these chewy capsules to accommodate a greater variety of ingredients.

  • Conventional soft capsules

    After opening the jar and storing it at room temperature for one week, the heat and moisture-resistant capsules did not adhere to each other.

Features and benefits

  • Moisture-resistant

    Accommodating water-based materials that could not be encapsulated previously

    Accommodating water-based materials that could not be encapsulated previously.

    This capsule can accommodate materials that could not be previously filled into soft capsules, such as water-based extract of crude drugs with high moisture content or the mixture of fresh royal jelly and honey.
  • Highly robust capsules

    No deformation, an ideal choice for stimulants

    No deformation, an ideal choice for stomach-irritating elements

    The high capsule strength keeps it from deformation during storage. It is also appropriate for stomach-irritating elements such as fish oils, liver oil, garlic, saw palmetto and other components whose residence duration in the stomach should be as short as possible.
  • Chewable and Tasty

    The technology may be applied to chewable products

    The technology may be applied to change the texture of the final products.

    This capsule can be designed to be softer than regular soft capsules as a chewable capsule. The chewable format is a perfect choice for aromatic or palatable products that are meant to be chewed and savored.