Support Structure

One-stop Service supplying complete process support for the design,
manufacture and delivery of products.

At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, we provide a full range of services on everything from selection of raw materials and formulation to development, design, manufacturing and packaging. All of these procedures are enacted to offer our customers with high quality products at competitive prices in a short delivery time.
Whether you are considering entering the health food industry or developing new products such as pharmaceuticals, foods, or cosmetics, we are ready to help you.
Please feel free to contact us.

  • Fast-Track Your Product Development with Sunsho Pharmaceutical's ADC


    The "Application Development Center (ADC)," is a new prototype experience studio that opened in 2020. Here we work with customers in full transparency during the prototyping process, reducing the time required for repeated prototyping, delivery, confirmation, and review due to an imprecise sense of direction. The prototyping time, which is normally around three months, is cut down to around two months. In addition, by optimizing each process from order registration to shipment, the development and manufacturing lead time has been reduced to about half the normal time.

  • ADC
  • ADC
  • By enhancing cooperation between our Application Development Center (ADC) and the Innovation Center, we hope to further improve the services we provide to customers.


    We started operation the Innovation Center in November 2022. We have taken on the challenge of producing original and new formulations as well as using cutting-edge technologies of easy swallow capsules. We fulfill customers’ request.

  • ■Reduced prototype development lead-time through co-creation with customers

    Reduced prototype development lead-time through co-creation with customers Reduced prototype development lead-time through co-creation with customers

    ●Accurate and efficient product development

    ●Appropriate delivery of information to assist decision-making

  • ■Open Innovation through Co-Creation

    Open Innovation through Co-Creation

    ●Collaborate with business, government, and academia to address societal and economic issues and to create new value.

Flexible optimization of personnel, equipment operation, and material management.
An agile approach that responds quickly to needs.

Sunsho Pharmaceutical adapts a flexible approach to its operations. Personnel, operating systems for the production line, and production line operation systems are adjusted as needed to meet the urgent needs of our customers. Additionally, since we maintain a surplus of raw materials in our inventory, we can always assist with substitutions or distributed purchasing as required.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year production system.
Unparalleled production capacity of over 300 million capsules per month.

We have nine production facilities, including our Nanryo Plant, one of the largest soft capsule plants in Japan. With this production capacity, we can support the stable supply of our customers' products.

■Formulation production capacity of each factory

Name of factoryProductDaily productionMonthly production
Nanryo FactorySoft capsules10,000,000 capsules300,000,000 capsules
Kuzawa FactorySeamless capsules661 ㎏19,833 ㎏
Oobuchi FactoryTablets
Hard capsules
4,222,200 tablets
1,322 kg
4,255,500 capsules
12,666,660 tablets
39,666 kg
12,766,660 tablets
Atsuhara FactorySeamless capsules
Jellies/mini-drink products
2,044 kg
13,333 products
61,333 ㎏
400,000 products

■Packaging capacity

ProductDaily productionMonthly production
Aluminum packaging174,000 packages5,220, 000 packages
PTP packaging543,000 sheets16,290,000 sheets
Three-side seal packaging316,077 packages9,482,333 packages
Stick packaging3,000,000 packages9,000,000 packages
Bottled packaging 30,875 bottles926,250 bottles
Secondary packaging61,833 packages1,855,000 packages