A new technology that pushes the boundaries of formulation.
UniORV® is a formulation in which the active ingredient is mixed
and solidified with a gelling liquid.

There are weaknesses in current technology of dosage forms such as limited powder content in soft capsules, and crack under impact in tablets. These weaknesses restrict ingredients, functions and applications.
Sunsho Pharmaceutical's UniORV® can be formulated with any ingredient thanks to its formulation versatility that covers the weaknesses of active ingredients. It allows any combination of substances, and it can be made without a coating to dissolve in the intestine to meet different dosing life cycles or to stabilize the core ingredient.
UniORV® is designed to be a universal formulation technology that can contain any ingredient by overcoming the weaknesses of formulation diversity and proprietary manufacturing methods, and by miniaturizing the formulation to granule size. It is named after the Universal Orbicular Vehicle with the expectation that it can encapsulate a variety of substances and meet diverse needs.

By miniaturizing the formulations to downstream sizes, there is a potential to be used for various purposes such as pharmaceuticals.
Our UniORV® technology enables prescriptions that have been given up in the past.

Features & Benefits

  • Covers the weak points of APIs

    ・Improves absorption in the body
    ・Augments stability
    ・Masks of bitterness
    ・Allows for targeted delivery (enteric solubility,
     colonic delivery)
  • Convenient to utilize

    ・Prevents dispersal of highly
     pharmacologically active substances
    ・Easy to manufacture as a tablet
    ・Easy to manufacture on a small scale
    ・Allows for uniformity of content
    ・Avoids prior patents and protection by
     proprietary patents