Soft capsules

“A safe formulation that is valued for its ingredient stability,
aesthetics and ease of consumption.”

A highly hermetically sealed and safe product containing non-water-soluble liquid or powder content.
They are used in a variety of applications, including supplements and pharmaceuticals.
Sunsho Pharmaceutical has developed proprietary technology to prepare soft capsules
with contents that are otherwise challenging to be used in this form.

Features and benefits

  • Airtight and stable

    Airtight and stable

    There are no heating or pressurization processes involved in the manufacture. The capsule shell is airtight with a high barrier to oxygen, making the contents highly stable without the need for preservatives.
  • Easy to ingest

    Easy to ingest

    Compared to other dosage forms, our soft capsules have a higher relative density and sink easily in water, making them easy to swallow.
  • Maskingg effect

    Masking effect

    The advanced sealing performance effectively masks the taste, color and odor derived from the contents.
  • Flexibility in product design

    Flexibility in product design

    The taste, aroma and appearance of the film can be freely selected, allowing for a high degree of freedom in designing food products. Surface printing with laser markers is also possible.

Shape of soft capsules

  • Shape of soft capsules
  • A. External shell

    • * 0.2-0.8mm-thick edible elastic film that is made of gelatin, starch, glycerin, etc.
    • * The shell can be blended with colorings, preservatives and flavors and can also be applied with various types of coating such as wax, sugarcoat, shellac and zein.

    B. Contents

    • * Oil-based liquid such as Vitamin E and carotene
    • * Powder-containing solution
    • * Plant extract
    • * Flavor, etc.
Shape of soft capsules Shape of soft capsules

Information about high-function
soft capsules

Giving items a healthy and approachable appearance

Plant-based soft capsules

  • This type of capsule uses a plant-based shell, made of plant-derived ingredients, which can be taken by vegetarians and other people who cannot eat animal-derived foods. These capsules have excellent heat resistance and dissolve quickly.
  • Plant-based soft capsules
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Quickly dissolves in the body for digestion and absorption

Soft capsules that dissolve quickly

  • This type of capsule dissolves rapidly after ingestion for quick digestion and absorption in the body. It is designed to prevent gelatin from becoming insoluble and disintegrating slowly due to the effects of light, heat, and other substances.
  • Collapse-delay prevention soft capsules
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Our relentless challenge to improve the absorption rate in the body

Ultra-fine-ground soft capsules

  • We are able to increase the absorption rate in the body by directly filling soft capsules with raw materials that have been ultra-fine milled to the nano-level.
  • Ultra-fine-ground soft capsules
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Tasty capsules with a gummy texture

Chewable soft capsules

  • Small children and the elderly can both enjoy these delicious chewable capsules. The external shell or internal contents liquid can be flavored to suit customers’ preference.
  • Chewable soft capsules
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Dissolves only when delivered to the small intestines

Enteric soft capsules (uncoated)

  • This capsule created using natural ingredients does not dissolve in the stomach, but instead dissolves upon reaching the small intestines for absorption. These soft capsules are glossy and uncoated.
  • Enteric soft capsules (non-coating)
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100% natural enteric capsules

Enteric soft capsules

  • This capsule created using natural ingredients does not dissolve in the stomach, but instead dissolves upon reaching the small intestines for absorption.
  • Enteric soft capsules
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Pleasing to the eye and accessible soft capsules

Heat and moisture-resistant soft capsules

  • This capsule shell is designed to prevent them from adhering to each other. These soft capsules maintain their quality even in places with high temperatures or high humidity.
  • Heat- and moisture-resistant soft capsules
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