Sealed Hard Capsules

Airtight and resilient
Hard capsules that can encapsulate a variety of ingredients

The joints of our hard capsules are bonded and sealed to integrate the capsule body and capsule cap significantly enhancing airtightness and capsule strength. This prevents oxidation and allows the secure blending of components with strong scents.

Verified performance based on numerous comparison tests
Safe capsules that consumers can use with ease and comfort.

  • ■Moisture resistance comparison test

    Comparison of storing hard capsules containing highly hygroscopic ingredients for six days at 40 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 75%. Moisture resistance comparison test
  • ■Comparative test of odor resistance

    Capsules filled with odorous materials were sealed in glass bottles at 40°C. After 5 days, 5 individuals were asked to See if they could detect any odors. Deodorant performance comparison test

Features and benefits

  • Airtight Seal

    Safe even for ingredients prone to oxidation

    Suitable for ingredients prone to oxidation

    Highly recommended for ingredients prone to oxidation such as beta-carotene, DHA, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and dried royal jelly.
  • Excellent moisture resistance

    Keeping ingredients, prone to moisture-induced degradation, in a stable state

    Protects materials that are sensitive to moisture.

    Highly recommended for blueberry extract, plum pulp extract, lecithin and Bifidobacterium.
  • Masking effect

    Safe to use for strong-smelling ingredients such as garlic

    Safe to use for strong-smelling ingredients such as garlic

    This capsule’s advanced deodorant property can handle ingredients with a strong smell, such as garlic, valerian extract, Natto extract, oyster extract and snapping turtle extract.
  • Banding

    Visual tamper-evident effect

    Visual tamper-evident effect

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has mandated tamper-evident measures on hard capsule formulations for OTC drugs. This capsule is equipped with a tamper-evident seal as a visual indicator of its factory state.