Enteric Soft Capsules

An enteric soft capsule made of 100% natural ingredients

This type of capsule is designed to pass through the stomach and dissolve only after reaching the small intestine to ensure that its contents are absorbed into the intestines. In addition to the safety of being made only from food ingredients, the soft capsules can deliver ingredients that are easily damaged by stomach acid to the intestine for absorption. They also can safely encapsulate materials that are highly irritating or cause unpleasant odors to flow back into the mouth from the stomach.

It is ideal for bifidobacteria, which are vulnerable to stomach acidity, and garlic, which tends to irritate the stomach and has an unpleasant return odor.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent acid resistance

    Protecting ingredients susceptible to gastric acid and sending them safely to the intestines

    Protecting ingredients susceptible to gastric acid and sending them safely to the intestines

    Royal jelly, bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and other materials whose effectiveness is reduced when exposed to stomach acidity can be protected and delivered to the intestines.
  • Masking effect

    Ideal for irritation-causing or strong-smelling ingredients

    Ideal for irritating or odorous ingredients

    This capsule protects the stomach from materials that irritate the gastric mucosa stomach upset, such as garlic, chili and iron. It is also effective at preventing reversion flavor from cod liver oil, DHA-EPA, garlic and saw palmetto.
  • Highly robust and adhesion resistant

    Preventing deformation and adhesion to maintain quality

    Prevents deformation and adhesion of capsules to maintain quality.

    The high strength of the capsules prevents deformation during storage, and also prevents the capsules from sticking to each other or to the bottle. Even when stored under high temperature and humidity, the capsules maintain their appearance and quality.