Coated Tablets

A new dosage form with an aesthetically pleasing appearance
and an increased active ingredient content.

Sunsho Pharmaceutical has developed a unique dosage form that combines the benefits of capsules and tablets by wrapping an uncoated tablet in a collagen film similar to that of a soft capsule.
The thinner film also allows for the dosage form of materials that are difficult to harden into tablets or are susceptible to oxidation or heat. We have the ability to create visually appealing products with a variety of color and gloss-coatings. This results in a shiny, beautiful appearance without the use of glazing.

Functionality as well as a distinctive, beautiful appearance makes for a highly desirable product.

  • Collagen-coated tablets Collagen-coated tablets
  • Gloss-coated tablets Gloss-coated tablets

Features and benefits

  • High strength and stability

    Safeguarding contents from impact and oxidization

    Safeguards contents from impact and oxidation

    The collagen film protects ingredients that are vulnerable to oxidation and heat. The coating adds strength to the capsule and prevents cracking or chipping.
  • Thin-coating film

    The use of thin film enabling high content ratio and compact design

    The use of a thin film allows for a high content ratio and compact design.

    The ingredients are confined within the coating film, making it possible to formulate powders and brittle materials. Since the film is half the thickness of sugar-coated tablets, more active ingredients can be included, or the same quantity of ingredients can be contained in a smaller, easier-to-swallow dosage form.
  • Masking effect

    Perfect for including ingredients with strong taste or smell

    Perfect for blending ingredients with a strong taste or odor.

    The coating layer provides a high barrier against taste, color, and odor. Even materials that are not visually appealing or have a strong taste can be locked in to develop easily digestible products.
  • Products that are pleasing to the eye

    Diverse color variations for high added value

    Diverse color variations for high added value

    The coating film can be combined with two colors from a large color palette. Furthermore, the surface gloss and beautiful appearance of the coating can add significant appeal.