Zero occupational accidents

Basic concept

  • Company-wide EHS basic policies

    At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, we are committed to providing a workplace environment where our employees can thrive and reach their full potential in a safe, secure, and healthy manner. We are dedicated to promoting society's well-being by manufacturing health foods and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, we engage in environmentally friendly activities to contribute to the conservation of the local natural environment. We uphold a high level of ethics and comply with all relevant laws and regulations to build a long-lasting and reliable organization.

Company-wide EHS committee organization chart

Company-wide EHS committee organization chart


Expanding and maintaining safety training

  • We are working towards eliminating all industrial accidents by offering practical and realistic safety training. This includes training sessions using our original videos, practical training that aligns with actual work procedures, and seminars tailored to employees' roles. Through these efforts, we aim to promote a strong safety culture and prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace.
  • ①New employee EHS training
    ②EHS re-training every five years
    ③EHS training when promoted to a management-level position
    ④Video training introducing actual cases of industrial accidents
    ⑤Safe driving training for first-year employees

Promoting and reinforcing risk assessment

  • We conduct regular assessments to identify safety hazards and incorporate these findings to our processes and facilities. Regular training and education sessions are conducted to ensure that our employees are aware of the risks and have the education to handle the various chemical substances and organic solvents safely.
  • ①Work safety, chemical properties
    ②Chemical handling
    ③Leakage training

Promoting mental and physical well-being

  • We strive to provide a healthy workplace environment where employees can flourish, by providing health guidance, implementing measures to protect against infectious disease, imposing a company-wide smoking ban, and establishing an office for the management of mental health.
  • 1. Mental health education

    ①Original video training

    2. In-person counseling and consultations

    ①Post stress-check counseling
    ②Mental health management office

    3. Measures for refreshment

    ①Exercise classes through live-streaming
    ②Health food workshop video training
  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical has been certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization under the government program for recognizing companies that examine employees’ health from a business management perspective and the act on improving strategically.
    (2021, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Category)