Chewable Soft Capsules

Soft capsules that children and the elderly will enjoy.

The inclusion of xylitol into the shell of the soft capsules, which is known for its cavity-preventing properties, gives the soft capsules a refreshing sweetness when chewed. Children and the elderly can safely chew and swallow the capsule thanks to the soft shell.

An updated version is currently being developed that will be much more delicious and leave no residue behind after chewing. Contact us for more details.

Features and benefits

  • Pleasant flavor that encourages ingestion

    Developing products that people from all walks of life can enjoy

    Developing products that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

    Refreshing sweetness and soft texture results in capsules that small children and the elderly can ingest easily.
  • Chewy and Tasty

    Texture similar to gummy bears that children like

    Gummy-like products that are popular among children.

    This soft capsule with a delicious external shell has a gummy texture that can be chewed and eaten.
  • Contains xylitol

    Xylitol, effective for preventing tooth decay and diabetes

    Xylitol is effective in fighting against tooth decay and diabetes.

    Xylitol is a sweetener extracted from the birch tree, and it inhibits the generation of acid and bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. It is a popular sweetener amongst diabetics that has only 70% of the calories of sugar, is not easily absorbed by the intestines and does not raise blood glucose levels.
  • Excellent adhesion resistance

    Capsules do not stick together

    Capsules do not stick together

    This formulation has a distinctive characteristic of resisting adhesion between capsules.