Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s Second Strength

New Formulation

Visualization of Quality

Ability to propose ideal solutions

Sunsho Pharmaceutical is dedicated to identifying the challenges faced by customers and providing innovative solutions as a co-creation partner.
We continually work on multiple development initiatives to offer new value.
Contact us to discuss how we can help solve your product issues or enhance your product functions.

New formulation technologies

  • Innovative capsule technology for adding additional value to your products

    Innovative capsule technology

    At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, our corporate culture actively promotes the continual development of new formulations and applications by leveraging our expertise in formulation technology. From soft capsules to hard capsules, seamless capsules, granules and tablets, we can provide a wide range of options.

  • Innovative capsule technology
  • New technology for a universal formulation: “UniORV®

  • UniORV®
  • Existing formulations have limitations on the ingredients that can be incorporated and used. UniORV® overcomes these limitations with an innovative coated particle that does not rely on granulation or coatings. This has allowed us to increase customer options with a universal formulation that can incorporate any combination of ingredients.
  • Vegan friendly
    Committed to plant-based capsule options

  • Dedication to plant-based capsule materials
  • In addition to our vegan corn-derived starch capsules, Sunsho Pharmaceutical is also developing seaweed-based alternatives. Both vegan capsules are gaining attention in the domestic and international health food industry.

Visualization of quality

  • "Visualizing Quality: The Importance of Presenting Fine Details with Confidence"

    Absolute confidence in quality

    In September 2020, Sunsho Pharmaceutical opened a hands-on prototype studio known as the ADC (Application Development Center), in Oimachi, Tokyo. This innovative approach to product development, allows clients to experience how we can work directly with them to create new value and to exhibit the quality of our finished products.

  • Absolute confidence in quality
  • Experience our product development process at the Application Development Center (ADC)

  • Product development processes shared before your eyes
  • The ADC is a trial production studio that allows customers to understand what it is like to work directly with us as we convert their visions into reality. Our hands-on approach to prototype development and product design allows prospective customers to experience our full development life cycle.
  • See the invisible: Live video streaming of the production process

  • Live Video Streaming
  • As a development support service that eliminates customer dissatisfaction and provides more satisfaction than ever before, we have also realized a remote factory tour that allows you to check the actual production of prototypes on the production line with a live video that gives you a sense of presence. The live feed uses cinematic effects like zoom and slow motion to highlight production elements that are ordinarily unseen to the naked eye.