Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s Strengths 2

New Formulation Technologies multiplied by Visualization of Quality

We are an exceptional solution provider
answering the needs of our customers

Rather than merely realizing customers’ requests and product designs,
Sunsho Pharmaceutical strives to identify challenges that customers face, and offer new values as a co-creation partner.
Sunsho Pharmaceutical works on multiple development projects and initiatives to provide innovative solutions.
Talk to us if you are trying to solve your company’s products’ issues or to strengthen your products’ functions.

New formulation technologies

  • Innovative capsule technology for adding fresh value to customers’ products

    Innovative capsule technology

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical taps into its extensive formulation technologies, ranging from soft, hard and seamless capsules to granules and tablets, to actively develop new formulations and applications.
    Our corporate culture of taking on anything that would benefit customers, has led to the development of a series of new technologies.

  • Innovative capsule technology
  • New technology for blending various
    ingredients “UniOrb®” for adding
    a variety of functions

  • UniOrb®
  • Existing formulations have limitations in the types of ingredients they can carry and their applications. UniOrb is free from these limitations because of its use of innovative particles that do not rely on granulation or coating. The resulting prescription versatility and compact granular size make it possible to combine any ingredients, broadening the potential of universal formulation development for diverse applications.
  • Vegetarian-friendly application
    Dedication to plant-based
    capsule materials

  • Dedication to plant-based capsule materials
  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical is also working on developing plant-based capsules. R&D is carried out to create not only regular plant-based capsules but also safe capsule materials alternative to the commonly-used seaweed-based materials.
    Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s plant-based capsules made of corn-derived starch is attracting attention from the health food industry in and outside Japan.

Visualization of quality

  • Absolute confidence in quality behind the decision to visually present even the finest details

    Absolute confidence in quality

    In September 2020, Sunsho Pharmaceutical opened a hands-on protype studio, ADC (Application Development Center), in Oimachi, Tokyo, to accelerate our approach in developing health foods. It launched an innovative approach to product development, in which we work directly with customers to create new value and high quality.

  • Absolute confidence in quality
  • Product development processes shared
    before your eyes ADC (Application
    Development Center)

  • Product development processes shared before your eyes
  • The dream of developing next-generation dietary supplements comes to reality at the ADC through hands-on experiences and inspiration of exploring concepts first-hand.
    The ADC is a hands-on prototype studio where we work directly with customers for processes including product design, prototype development, evaluation and considerations to fast-track the customers’ vision into reality. Customers can sample prototypes to visually explore details even including focuses on sales promotion.
  • Live Video Streaming for close-up
    presentation of even invisible details
    of production processes

  • Live Video Streaming
  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical offers a remote factory tour, i.e. live-streaming how prototype products are produced in real life at a production line. This development support service is designed to resolve any concerns customers may have and boost their level of satisfaction more than ever before.
    The process of products taking shape is presented with video effects such as zooming in and slow motion so that customers can closely observe production details that they would have missed if they had visited the plant in person.