Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s Third Strength

One-stop Service

Market Creativity

Ability to support the development of new products

It is important to seize business opportunities quickly when developing next-generation dietary supplements.
Sunsho Pharmaceuticals can identify market demands and capitalize on them with our comprehensive database and one-stop service manufacturing.
If you have an innovative idea for a new product, contact us and we will help you turn your vision into reality.

One-stop Service

  • Support for all aspects of the product lifecycle from design and prototypes to development and packaging

    Assisting all aspects of product development from product design to development

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical provides a one-stop solution for the entire product development life cycle. We are on the journey together starting with planning and raw material development, transitioning to prototype development and production, before moving to quality control, packaging and delivery. This one-stop approach allows us to reduce development lead time while providing consistent support to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Assisting all aspects of product development from product design to development
  • Halving the lead time from order to delivery

  • Halving the lead-time from receiving an order to shipment
  • By consolidating the product design, procurement of raw materials, prototype submission, and feedback from the Application Development Center experience, the lead time for prototyping has been shortened by 1/3. Additionally, further optimizations resulting from our one-stop service has halved the entire production lead time.
  • Optimizing your packaging needs with our versatile options

  • Proposing optimum packaging based on comprehensive perspectives
  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical's wide range of packaging technologies enables us to meet the unique packaging requirements of our customers. Seal packaging, stick packaging, PTP packaging, box packaging, and shrink packaging are a few of our options. We can also engage in distribution only contracts for inventory control and shipment, as well as orders that require merely packaging.

Market-creating ability

  • Successful products are always backed by behind the scenes work to ensure market success

    Working with customers to deliver successful next-generation products

    Working with customers to deliver successful next-generation products Sunsho Pharmaceutical combines the latest market trends with our specialists in strategy, science, development and marketing to bring innovative products to market. Come work with us to create the next success story.

  • Working with customers to deliver successful next-generation products
  • Showcasing our thought leadership on market trends through web seminars

  • Being the first to disseminate latest through web seminars
  • At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, we are leaders at broadcasting information for future trends such as frailty prevention measures due to aging and immunity augmentation in anticipation of the next pandemic. We will continue our seminars to ensure that our customers are able to gain exposure to the latest market information and trends.
  • Efficiently leveraging a sizable database of product information to produce new items that bring value to the market

  • new products to bring new value in the market
  • We have a vast array of information and tools that serve as inspiration to further develop a customer’s concept. This includes a raw material and prescription database, market analysis data, formulation samples, and prototype samples. Further conversations with our specialists across the entire product development life cycle will guarantee that we can assist you in turning your idea into a novel, unique product.