Palatable granules that are easy to ingest
and optimized to individual needs

Granules are made of powdered pharmaceutical ingredients or foods, reconstituted into a uniform size as much as possible.
Compared to powder, granules do not easily scatter, and are easy to ingest without causing choking.
Sunsho Pharmaceutical can produce granules in the size optimized for individual needs.
We are also renowned for adding flavour to granules for enhanced palatability.

Features and benefits

  • Facilitating high-volume ingestion

    Facilitating high-volume ingestion

    This format allows for large dosage, and can be applied to a product that should be mixed with water for ingestion.
  • High content of active ingredients

    High content of active ingredients

    This format can accommodate high content of active ingredients. We can adjust dissolution and absorption properties to suit product characteristics.
  • Reflecting ingredients’ natural flavour

    Reflecting ingredients’ natural flavour

    This format preserves the flavour of effective (main) ingredients. The taste can be adjusted to suit user preference.

Granule types and shapes

  • Round granules

    Round granules

    Round-shaped granules produced in the agitation granulation approach; Slightly slow to dissolve

  • Irregular-shaped granules

    Irregular-shaped granules

    Granules in irregular shapes produced in the fluidized bed granulation approach; Fast dissolution

  • Pelletized granules

    Pelletized granules

    Pellet-shaped granules produced in the extrusion granulation approach; Slow to dissolve

Information on high-function granules