Heat-resistant Seamless Capsules

Heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius

This type of seamless capsule has a unique shell composition that can tolerate higher temperatures than conventional capsules. They can be used in a wide range of products such as soups, beverages, candies, and ice cream because they can withstand processing processes that involve heat, moisture, and pressure. Both fresh and dried types can be manufactured, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The plant-based shell is a natural fit to be paired with plant-derived active ingredients.

  • ■Comparison of heat resistance performance in hot water at 95 degrees Celsius

    Conventional soft capsules

Features and benefits

  • Compatible with a wide range of product forms

    Accommodating water-based materials that could not be encapsulated previously

    Can be applied to various processing processes.

    The product can withstand a variety of processing processes, including heat sterilization, pressure molding, hydration, and cooling, thereby expanding the range of product development. It can also be used as a means of adding fat-soluble vitamins to nursing care food.
  • Attractive appearance

    No deformation, an ideal choice for stimulants

    From beverages to jellies, chewing gums, and candies.

    The capsules' beautiful color and appearance can be used to enhance the color and flavor of ice cream, beverages, jellies, candies, soups, etc.
  • Flexible shell design

    The technology may be applied to chewable products.

    Flexibility of size, thickness and hardness

    Capsule size, thickness, and hardness can all be customized.
    The capsule itself can be designed in a variety of sizes, thickness, and hardness to suit the contents and intended application. Capsules can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as increased heat resistance or fracture strength.