What types of products do you offer (formulations, packaging)?
We offer the following types of products:

Soft capsules, hard capsules, seamless capsules, tablets, granules, high-function formulations, etc.

PTP packaging, stick packaging, three-side-seal packaging, three side seal pouch packaging, Laminated zip pouch packaging, pillow packaging, bags, bottles, boxes and various other packaging

See here for more details.
What is the minimum production lot for each of the formulations?
Contact us if you have a specific quantity in mind.
What is your workflow up to the completion of finished products?
Our production workflow is: planning / suggestion/ proposal, raw material development / selection, product development, production, and inspection, and shipment.
Do you arrange raw materials?
Yes, we do arrange raw materials.
However, some rare materials may be difficult to arrange. Consult us for more information.
Can you process raw materials we supply for production?
We offer original material-processing technology.
We need to examine each case depending on the physical properties and types of the raw materials. Consult us for more information.
Can you produce capsule formulations containing live bacteria?
Yes, we can produce capsules containing live bacteria.
However, there are cases where we may not be able to handle some types of bacteria. Consult us for more information.
Can you package powder?
Yes, powder can be packaged in the forms of stick packaging and three side seal pouch packaging.
Consult us for powder products to be packed into bottles or aluminum pouches.
Does Sunsho Pharmaceutical sell plasmalogen products?
We are an OEM manufacturer of health foods and pharmaceuticals and do not sell products to general consumers.