Obtaining numerous patents
R&D for continuous generation of unique values

Sunsho Pharmaceutical strives to cater to users’ continuous needs
and we offer values that go one step ahead of customers’ requests. To this end,
our team of R&D researchers with advanced expertise continue to engage in research and development,
taking on challenges that the market has yet to see.

  • General Manager of Product Development Takanori Kobayashi General Manager of Product Development Takanori Kobayashi
  • My main responsibility is to develop new products and formulation technologies that help materialize customers’ vision and to deploy the developed technologies to the main production process. Our strength lies in our ability to offer solutions that meet diversified consumer needs in terms of product concept, ease of ingestion, taste and palatability. As a trustworthy partner, we engage multiple productive discussions to develop new products.
  • UniOrb Innovation Center General Manager of Project Promotion Wataru Hirasawa UniOrb Innovation Center
    General Manager of Project Promotion
    Wataru Hirasawa
  • The strength of UniOrb lies in its exquisite formula, making it possible to combine ingredients that would otherwise be difficult to blend together, into a formulation. Existing element technologies are coupled with new concepts liberally to offer a formula concept quickly and to materialize value needed in the market.
  • Manager of Raw Material Development, R&D Masahiro Kurono Manager of Raw Material Development, R&D Masahiro Kurono
  • R&D drives a sustainable corporate growth. We constantly generate innovation to bring about a completely new product. With a focus on research for UniOrb, which is our unique dosage form, the Division also explores applications that take advantage of our formulation technology.
  • Primary Prototyping (ADC), Health Foods Development, Product Development Keisuke Takiguchi Primary Prototyping (ADC), Health Foods Development, Product Development Keisuke Takiguchi
  • Making use of extensive know-how accumulated over many years, we make efforts to design high-value and high-quality formulations that exceed customer expectations. Committed to contribute to people’s health, we engage in technological development day after day to create products that have never been seen before.

Developing original raw materials
by identifying and bringing out the full potential of materials
that are unfamiliar as of now

Sunsho Pharmaceutical also works on developing original raw materials.
We work on identifying the hidden potential of various materials
and bringing it out by way of applying refined manufacturing technology,
so as to add new functionality and value to customers’ products.
We also handle the development of ingredients that meet the needs of customers. Consult us for more information.

Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s original ingredients

  • Plasmalogen derived from sea squirts

    Plasmalogen derived from sea squirts
    The original dementia-preventing ingredient taken from sea squirts
    Plasmalogen can be found in human brains and is known to play an important role in maintaining cognitive functioning. Sea squirts are the rich source of not only plasmalogen but also EPA, DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids. Sunsho Pharmaceutical was one of the first to focus on sea squirts for assisting dementia prevention, and conducted research before releasing a product using the ingredient. This plasmalogen has already undergone clinical testing and therefore has the advantage of assured efficacy. This ingredient can be utilized for speedy market deployment for the activation of brain functions and dementia prevention.
  • Plasmalogen derived from sea squirts
  • Next-generation Omega-3 krill oil

    Next-generation Omega-3 krill oil
    Krill-derived new ingredient for preventing dementia and mobility decline
    Our “krill oil,” made of Antarctic krill caught in the Antarctic Ocean, which boasts the world’s cleanest water, is rich in DHA, EPA as well as choline, a key ingredient for cerebral and hepatic metabolism. Krill oil has a high rate of body absorption and has a confirmed effect of improving elevated blood lipid levels with the ingestion of just one-third of fish oil. Other benefits include alleviating arthritis, activating brain functions, reducing symptoms of women’s health issues such as PMS and improving dry eyes. It is now attracting attention as an ingredient of comprehensive health benefits.
  • Next-generation Omega-3 krill oil
  • SUN Ginger

    SUN Ginger
    Fast-acting ginger extract with fortified shogaol content
    Sunsho Pharmaceutical has adopted a unique manufacturing approach based on the use of subcritical water treatment technology to successfully extract shogaol, a unique ingredient found in ginger, to the maximum extent. SUN Ginger is a proprietary ginger extract that contains 70 times more shogaol than fresh ginger. When ingested, it has an effect of warming the body from the inside, much stronger than a general ginger-based ingredient does. It assists healthy living thanks to numerous benefits such as warming the body, improving blood circulation, controlling obesity, preventing metabolic syndrome, offering a high level of anti-oxidation effect, and activating enterokinesis for regular bowel movement.
  • SUN Ginger

Developing a series of advanced technologies
Patents held by Sunsho Pharmaceutical

In and outside Japan, Sunsho Pharmaceutical has acquired numerous patents for new technologies and ingredients developed,
including capsules’ outer skin, materials to be encased in capsules and manufacturing methods.
These represent the development of new values that will lead their respective markets into the future.

Acquired patents (excerpt)

■Patents related to soft capsules

Protection targetPatent numberTitle of invention
Film-relatedConcerning the plant-based film “BOTANICAP®”Patent No. 4500000Coating composition for capsules
Patent No. 4242266Film composition of capsules
Patent No. 5539621Film composition of capsules and capsule formulations
Concerning multi-layer filmPatent No. 4968820Capsules
Concerning the chewable film “X-Gel®”Patent No. 5618402Chewable soft capsule formulations and method for producing the same
Concerning the enteric film “E-Capsule Clear Non-Coat”Patent No. 5878669Enteric capsules
10493036 (USA)
1/2008/500228 (Philippines)
3338804 (Denmark, France)
Concerning the collapse-delay prevention film “SOLCAP®”Patent No. 6019204Soft capsule formulations
Content-relatedConcerning capsules having high soft extract contentPatent No. 4959955Capsules having high soft extract content and method for producing the same
Concerning hydrophilic substrate “Gummy Cap®”Patent No. 6196091Capsule formulations
Concerning emulsionPatent No. 6153979Oil-in-water type emulsion composition blended with essential oil, and method of producing the same

■Patents related to seamless capsules

Protection targetPatent numberTitle of invention
Flavored capsule-relatedPatent No. 5581446Collapsible capsules, manufacturing method therefor and smoking appliance
ZL201480002454.9 (China)
US10015984B2 (USA)
RU2668327 (Russia)
IDP000054422 (Indonesia)
1-2015-502378 (Philippines)
122116 (Ukraine)
J/3545 (Macao)
Patent No. 6603817Seamless capsules, and filters and appliance containing seamless capsules

■Patents related to proprietary ingredients

Protection targetPatent numberTitle of invention
Raw materials-relatedConcerning sprouted fermented buckwheat extractPatent No. 4906254Buckwheat-extract-containing solid formulation
Concerning the SUN GingerPatent No. 6240300Method for producing shogaol-containing composition

■Patents related to UniOrb

Protection targetPatent numberTitle of invention
Concerning UniOrbPatent No. 6849007Granulation composition and its manufacturing method
Patent No. 6103111Oral pharmaceutical composition and method for producing particulate formulation comprising composition and the same


Protection targetPatent numberTitle of invention
Concerning Tablate®Patent No. 5622185Soft capsules containing powder and its manufacturing method
Concerning the bioabsorbency promoter-containing composition (Krill Oil + CO10, etc.)Patent No. 6299689Bioabsorbency promoter-containing composition

Posted on March 29, 2021