Hard capsules

Capsule formulations with high safety and quality,
further expanding the range of applications.

Sunsho Pharmaceutical manufactures safe hard capsules that can encapsulate a variety of medicine forms such as powder,
granules and tablets.
They are employed in a variety of fields due to their simplicity of handling and ability to be eaten as is.
Sunsho Pharmaceutical can create even the most difficult content materials,
such as bacterium formulations, employing one of three filling procedures.

Features and benefits

  • High content of active ingredients

    High content of active ingredients

    Hard capsules require fewer additives during the manufacturing process, such as water, alcohol, starch, lubricant, or disintegrant and can therefore have a larger quantity of core ingredients.
  • Advanced content stability

    Advanced content stability

    The 2 piece capsule has a high oxygen barrier property, which provides excellent stability of the contents. In addition, hard capsules with band sealing have an excellent masking effect.
  • Minimal content degradation

    Minimal content degradation

    Since there are no heating, humidifying, drying, or pressurizing processes involved in the manufacturing process, there are very few physical factors that can cause quality deterioration, resulting in a higher quality product.

Shape of hard capsules

  • Shape of hard capsules
  • A. Cap

    Approx. 0.1mm-thick edible film such as gelatin, pullulan and cellulose

    B. Lock-joint connecting the body and the cap

    C. Content

    D. Body

■Size and filling capacity of hard capsules

Size and filling capacity of hard capsules Size and filling capacity of hard capsules

Information about high-function hard capsules