Ultra-rapid dissolution
Seamless Capsules

Instant dissolution when placed in the mouth
Seamless capsules that leave no residual shell after dissolution.

Regular seamless capsules feature an external shell that is approximately 400μm thick, but this capsule has decreased the shell thickness to only 100μm, allowing it to dissolve quickly in the mouth with no residual shell. It preserves the flavor of the contents for an extended period of time. This property enables the creation of items such as seasoning oil, bath additives and mouth fresheners.

Applications in a variety of categories including dietary supplements.
Join us to develop new applications.

  • Cross-section view of the external shell (film thickness)

Features and benefits

  • Astonishingly rapid dissolution

    Starting to dissolve instantly in the mouth for full disintegration in just 60 seconds

    Dissolves instantly in your mouth before being completely dissolved in 60 seconds.

    This capsule demonstrated an outstanding solubility in a test that soaked this alongside a regular soft capsule and a hard capsule in tepid water at body temperature (37 degrees Celsius). There was also no residual shell.
  • Applications for a wide range of products

    Potential for developing a variety of new inspiring applications

    Potential to develop an exciting new range of applications.

    This capsule can be applied to products in various industries, such as foods, bath additives and cosmetics. It is perfect for mouth fresheners and seasonings (garlic oil, etc.).
  • Pleasing to the eye

    Enabling the development of attractive seamless products

    Enabling the development of attractive seamless products

    This capsule can be transformed into value-added products with an appealing, seamless appearance, allowing your products to stand out from competitors.