Granular Smoothie

Just mix with water or milk
Easy to make smoothies that are popular among women.

Sunsho Pharmaceutical's granulated smoothie allows you to easily make a fortified smoothie drink with functional ingredients as part of your daily health routine. Simply mix with water or milk to enjoy a healthy drink without the hassle of preparing multiple types of vegetables and fruits.

We can design products to meet your needs.
We accept requests for planning proposals. Please contact us for more information.

■Product design examples
  • Superfoods: Spirulina+ Nannochloropsis

    Green Smoothie

    20 types of vegetables and fruits including Kumazasa bamboo (Sasa veitchii) and Chomeiso fennel (Peucedanum japonicum), which has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine.

      • ・11 vitamins and 3 minerals
      • ・5,000mg of dietary fiber
      • ・Plant lactobacillus for conditioning your stomach
      • ・Flavor profile can be adjusted to suit customer needs
    • Containing the superfoods “Spirulina”+” Nannochloropsis”
  • Superfoods: chia seeds — growing in popularity

    Red Smoothie

    20 types of fruits including three anti-aging superfruits: acai, pomegranate and mangosteen.

      • ・11 vitamins and 3 minerals
      • ・5,000mg of dietary fiber
      • ・120mg hyaluronic acid and apple ceramide for skin hydration
      • ・Flavor profile can be adjusted to suit customer needs
    • Containing the superfood of growing popularity, chia seeds

Features and benefits

  • Easily intake supplements that require high dosages

    Potential to have functional ingredients at up to 60% of contents per pack

    Functional ingredients could make up to 60% of the contents of a pack.

    Functional ingredients such as superfoods, fruits and vegetables can be combined in line with customer requests to create a smoothie that is easy to make and delicious to drink.
  • Stick packaging

    No measurement needed with portable convenience

    No measurement, Easy to carry

    Each 10g stick packet is portable and convenient. You can enjoy smoothies anytime, anywhere as you have water or milk.
  • Option to adjust viscosity and texture

    Adjustment potential according to applications, e.g. for those on a diet or the elderly

    Adjust the viscosity and texture of the smoothie to suit your needs.

    Various adjustments can be made to suit your needs, such as increasing viscosity to make the drink more palatable, creating a meal-like texture, or lowering the viscosity for those who have difficulty swallowing.