Value Added Services

  • ■Number of successful notification submissions (dietary supplement format only)

    Number of successful notification submissions (dietary supplement format only) As of April, 2024
    *In house research
  • Feature of our Food with Functional Claims Notification support

    • Propose a schedule centered around the product launch timing.
    • Introduce raw materials and formulation suitability in consideration of budget, formulability, etc.
    • Respond to customers nationally from Hokkaido to Okinawa with our sales offices throughout Japan.
    • Introduce differentiated ingredients and health claims for consideration.
    • Research unique health claims to meet your challenges.
    • Provide access to our industry knowledge that has enabled us to be Japan’s leader of functional food claim notifications.
    • Confirm the safety of multiple functional ingredients when combined in a single formulation.
    • Provide support for successive notifications if the claim is not accepted.
    • Deliver post sales functional claim support.
    • Ideate your next functional claim product based on our wealth of experience.

Food with Functional Claims Notification Process

Expedited product development process timeframe

Shortened product development timeframe for notifications of Food with Functional Claims when using our products that have confirmed formulation suitability and stability.

The period from product planning to notification is approximately 5.5 months (A maximum of 120 days can be saved during product development).

Standard product development process timeframe

Standard product development timeframe for notifications of Food with Functional Claims.

The period from product planning to notification is approximately 9.5 months.

Quality Assurance Structure that wins customers’ trust

  • Raw Materials and Packaging Materials Management

    Monitoring system for when raw materials and packaging materials are introduced.
    Validation of survey sheets for raw materials and packaging materials (specifications, SDS, test reports, etc.) and strict checks by the Quality Control Department, Quality Assurance Department, and Product Development Department.
  • Acceptance testing of raw materials and packaging materials

    Confirmation of manufacturer's test reports, content tests, confirmation tests (FT-IR, UV), purity tests (related substances, residual solvents, optical isomers, etc.), and bacteria tests (general bacteria, coliform group, fungi, etc.)
  • Environment and Facilities Management

    The factory is equipped with the latest facilities such as prevention of outside air inflow, HEPA filtration, clean room specifications for floors, walls and air shower. Manufacturing and quality control is conducted in compliance with GMP for pharmaceuticals and health food products. The factory is also fully equipped with testing facilities to comply with the Foods with Function Claims notification system and cGMP.
  • Employee education

    We regularly improve our employees' knowledge, skills, and awareness through monthly GMP and HACCP study sessions, external seminars, participation in industry associations, and by providing access to the latest information from industry relevant publications.

Available packaging options

■Final packaging

  • Filling in glass / plastic bottles
    Filling in glass / plastic bottles
    Highly robust option that enables stable transportation of contents. Opaque bottles and amber glass bottles shield against UV rays efficiently and offer excellent recyclability.
  • Laminated zip pouch packaging
    Laminated zip pouch packaging
    Multilayer film structure consisting of a gas barrier and heat seal material laminated together. In addition to excellent airtightness and light shielding properties, the cost of the packaging materials is low and small-lot production is possible.
  • Final packaging in boxes and shrink-wrapping
    Final packaging such as shrink-wrapping and boxing.
    We can provide three-sided or four-sided seal packaging, stick packaged products in boxes, shrink wrap bottled products, and other small packaged products. All of our packaging can also be further customized by printing a best-before date or other relevant information.

■Interim packaging

  • Three-side-seal packaging
    Three-sided seal packaging
    A sheet of film is folded in half with three sides heat-sealed. Each package contains a single dose, making it easy to use, hygienic and portable.
  • Three-side-seal assortment packaging
    Three-sided seal assortment packaging
    Three-sided sealed packaging combines up to seven different formulations, including capsules and tablets, into a single package. This eliminates the need to remove the product from multiple containers and prevents forgetting to take the product.
  • Stick packaging
    Stick packaging
    Stick packaging is single dose, hygienic, easy to consume and portable. Nitrogen-filled packaging of seamless capsules is also available.
  • PTP packaging
    Blister packaging
    Blister Package has each capsule packaged individually making it airtight and hygienic.

■Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s exportation records