Value-Added Services

■Number of successful notification submissions (dietary supplement format only)

Number of successful notification submissions (dietary supplement format only) As of March 19, 2021

Quality Assurance Structure that wins customers’ trust

  • Management of raw materials and of packaging materials

    Monitoring quality at acceptance of new raw / packaging materials
    Examining documentation for raw / packaging materials (specifications, SDS, test reports, etc.) and conducting strict inspections by the Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Product Development departments
  • Receiving inspections for raw and packaging materials

    Checking manufacturers’ test reports, performing content test, confirmation test (FT-IR, UV), purity test (related substances, residual solvents, optical isomers, etc.), bacterial test (general live bacteria, coliforms, fungi)
  • Management of production environment and facilities

    Handling manufacturing and quality control that meet GMP spec of pharmaceutical and health foods at plants equipped with latest facilities including systems with depressurizing function to prevent entry of external air and filtering air with HEPA filters, walls / floors in Clean Room specifications and Air Showers; Providing testing facilities that meet cGMP and Foods with Function Claims system specification.
  • Employee education

    Having all employees participate in monthly study sessions on GMP / HACCP and external seminars, and obtaining the latest information from dozens of relevant magazines and industry organizations to boost employees’ knowledge, skills and awareness.

Available packaging options

■Final packaging

  • Filling in glass / plastic bottles
    Filling in glass / plastic bottles
    Highly robust option that enables stable transportation of contents. Opaque bottles and amber glass bottles shield UV rays efficiently and offer excellent recyclability.
  • Laminated zip pouch packaging
    Laminated zip pouch packaging
    Multi-layer film structure that combines gas barrier material, heat seal material, etc. laminated zip pouch is completely airtight and light-shielded with a low material cost, making it suitable for short-run production.
  • Final packaging in boxes and shrink-wrapping
    Final packaging in boxes and shrink-wrapping
    We can box products in three-side-seal / four-side-seal packaging or stick packaging, shrink-warp bottled products or handle other final packaging in small portions, with an option of printing use-by date and other information.

■Interim packaging

  • Three-side-seal packaging
    Three-side-seal packaging
    A sheet of film is folded in half, with three sides heat-sealed. Each package contains single dose, making it easy to use, hygienic and portable.
  • Three-side-seal assortment packaging
    Three-side-seal assortment packaging
    Three-side-seal packaging that each contains up to seven types of different capsules and tablets. This eliminate the need for users to open multiple receptacles every time, so that they do not forget to take some of the drugs.
  • Stick packaging
    Stick packaging
    Single-dose packaging that is hygienic, easy to use and portable. This option may be also used to package seamless capsules in nitrogen-filled sticks.
  • PTP packaging
    PTP packaging
    PTP stands for Press Through Package, with capsules and tablets packaged individually for airtight and hygienic properties.

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