Plant-based Soft Capsules

Healthy and Safe Plant-based Soft Capsules:
The Eco-friendly Alternative for Vegetarians and the Elderly

Sunsho Pharmaceutical offers a plant-based soft capsule option made of safe and healthy plant-based ingredients, such as seaweed-derived carrageenan and corn starch.
There are two types of soft capsules: animal shell (gelatin) and vegetable shell and consumer surveys show that 98% of consumers choose vegetable shell.
Aside from vegans, seniors aged 60 and up appreciate vegetable-based soft capsules highly. This age group who are the primary purchasers of health food products give vegetable-based soft capsules a significant advantage when it comes to marketability.

Plant-based soft capsules can be a key differentiator for your products, setting you apart from the competition.

  • Survey on choice between plant-based and animal-based capsules

    47 times more consumers preferred plant-based soft capsules over animal-based soft capsules.

  • Population pyramid of consumers who chose plant-based soft capsules

    Seniors, the main purchasers of health foods, preferred plant-based capsules.

    *According to Sunsho Pharmaceutical data

Features and benefits

  • Support for vegetarians

    Pioneering a new market

    Pioneering a new market

    Even in Japan, where the number of vegetarians is said to be relatively small, 4.7% of the population is vegetarian and there are many more vegetarians worldwide. This population is increasing and is attracting attention as a new market.
  • Tasteless and Odorless

    Ease of ingestion and ease of handling is the key to continuous use

    Ease of ingestion and ease of handling is the key to continuous use

    The capsules themselves have no odor, so there is no smell when opening the package or swallowing the supplement.
  • High thermal stability

    Long-lasting due to adhesion resistance between capsules

    Long-lasting due to adhesion resistance between capsules

    Gelatin-coated soft capsules tend to adhere to each other when exposed to temperatures above 40 ºC. Vegetable-based soft capsules have a higher melting point than gelatin, so they do not adhere to each other even at high temperatures.
  • Dissolution delay prevention

    Dissolving in the gastrointestinal tract to deliver ingredients

    Dissolves In the gastrointestinal tract to deliver ingredients

    A healthy food must dissolve in the human digestive tract in order to be beneficial. When gelatin-coated soft capsules are stored for lengthy periods of time, they dissolve slowly owing to heat, light, and ingredients. However, even after 4 months of storage under accelerated conditions, the dissolution time of plant-coated capsules remains constant.
  • No allergy labeling require

    Provide safety with no designated allergy-causing ingredients

    Provide safety by excluding allergen raw materials

    Vegetable-based soft capsules are made from safe plant components and do not contain any allergen raw materials, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. It is not necessary to spend time or money printing allergy labels on packages.