Efforts towards achieving SDGs

Sunsho Pharmaceutical is committed to promoting a sustainable society through various initiatives
in our business operations and corporate environment.
We are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were adopted
at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit and are actively working towards achieving them.

  • Social contribution with products

    We contribute to society and people’s health through our unique product development.

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  • Improving employee satisfaction

    We are dedicated to promoting various initiatives that will create a comfortable workplace environment for our employees.

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  • Contribution to local communities

    We are contributing to our local community through active recruitment of local students, cleanup activities, and local event support.

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  • Reduction of environmental load

    At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, we have established the “Environmental Goals 2030,” to promote environmental activities that contribute to the natural conservation of our local community through environmentally-friendly activities.

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  • Zero occupational accidents

    Our corporate safety goal is to achieve a workplace environment that is safe and healthy, with an ultimate objective of zero workplace accidents.

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