Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s First Strength

Technology + Science


Ability to create absolute quality

As a leading health food OEM company, Sunsho Pharmaceutical boasts one of the largest market shares in Japan.
Our state-of-the-art production facilities, innovative science, and skilled craftsmen have garnered acclaim.
The fusion of technology, science, and expertise is what enables us to deliver "absolute quality."
If you wish to further increase quality and supply chain reliability, talk to us.

Technology and Science

  • Nanryo Factory, A best in class soft capsule productions facility

    Nanryo Factory

    In 2018, we established one of Japan's largest soft capsule factories. This new 33,000 square-meter property at the base of Mount Fuji is blessed with access to pristine water and clean air. Our factory has a total floor area of 10,700 square meters and is equipped with an ultra-modern formulation production facility, allowing us to produce up to 4 billion capsules per year.

  • Nanryo Factory
  • A modern plant with meticulous planning for every detail

  • Advanced plant
  • At the Nanryo factory, we have introduced a raw material warehouse with a fully automated climate-controlled storage environment. This allows us to provide even more stringent control than our competitors and to ensure that the highest level of quality is consistently delivered. We have integrated our customer needs, the scale to respond to large orders, and our class-leading quality control system into our flagship facility.
  • 4 billion capsule yearly capacity while utilizing the most challenging ingredients.

  • Astonishing production capacity
  • Every step of the production flow is inspected to ensure that the necessary standards of quality are reached. If problems emerge, information is also systematically routed to all pertinent parties.


  • Our talented craftsmen will fill in the gaps when there are problems that technology cannot solve.

    Our sophisticated experts utilize their skills

    Our highly skilled and seasoned staff members are Sunsho Pharmaceutical's greatest asset. In order to satisfy consumer needs, each of our products are created with a unique formulation. Our knowledgeable workers can work around any problems that arise when synthesizing various materials, colors, and shapes for each product.

  • Our sophisticated experts utilize their skills
  • Ingredients vary with the seasons
    Expertise that draws out the full potential of natural ingredients

  • Expertise that draws
  • The content and color of natural ingredients vary depending on the season and year in which they were harvested. In order to maintain consistency, it is necessary for our craftsmen to fine tune the manufacturing conditions. The combination of advanced equipment, science, and craftsmanship has led to the creation of high-quality, stable products that only Sunsho Pharmaceuticals can provide.
  • Ultra-thin, precision moldings and film thickness adjustments down to the level of 0.1mm

  • film adjustment technology
  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical's craftsmen are capable of meeting the increasing diversity of capsule requirements by creating precise molds and by regulating film thickness. We are committed to producing products that exceed customers' expectations in terms of quality and functionality.