Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s Strengths 1

State-of-the-art production facilities and science multiplied by sophisticated expert skill

Ability to create absolute quality

Sunsho Pharmaceutical is a market leader in OEM production of health foods,
boasting one of the largest market shares in Japan.
Our state-of-the-art production facilities, science and sophisticated expert skill have helped us build a strong reputation.
“Absolute quality” comes about when state-of-the-art facilities and science meet the sophisticated expert skill.
Talk to us if you want to achieve further quality improvement and supply stability.

State-of-the-art facilities and science

  • One of Japan’s largest soft capsule factories Nanryo Factory, equipped with state-of-the art facilities

    Nanryo Factory

    One of Japan’s largest soft capsule factories was born in 2018 at the foot of the graceful Mount Fuji on a 33,000 square-meter property blessed with pristine water and clean air.
    The vast plant with the total floor area of 10,700 square meters is packed with a variety of cutting-edge formulation-making facilities, boasting the production capacity of some 300 million capsules per month.

  • Nanryo Factory
  • Advanced plant designed with attention to details from raw-material storage to production design and schedule management

  • Advanced plant
  • The safe and stable storage of raw materials has direct ramifications to the quality of health foods. The Nanryo Factory has a raw materials storage that automatically regulates storage conditions such as temperature and humidity, ensuring more strict control than competitors’ factories. The plant has facilities that cater to customer needs and high-volume orders, managed under an excellent quality-control system.
  • 300 million capsules per month
    Astonishing production capacity that can handle even the toughest-to-handle ingredients

  • Astonishing production capacity
  • At each of the production processes, inspections are conducted per pre-defined process management items to secure required quality. It also has a prompt information sharing system in place to swiftly in case of any defects in order to continue supplying high-quality formulations.

Sophisticated expert skill

  • Things that machines cannot outperform
    Our sophisticated experts utilize their skills with no bounds in quality improvement

    Our sophisticated experts utilize their skills

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical adopts a one-product-to-one-formula approach to product design, addressing customer needs in a tailor-made style. Having state-of-the art facilities is not enough to formulate ingredients, which are different from product to product, into desired shape and color. What is needed is the skill of the sophisticated experts based on five human senses.
    Having highly trained and experienced employees capable of handling such tasks is our biggest strength.

  • Our sophisticated experts utilize their skills
  • Seasonality of ingredients
    Expertise that draws out the maximum performance from natural ingredients

  • Expertise that draws
  • Nature-derived materials have different compositions and colors depending on the seasons and years of harvest. In order to maintain constant quality, it is essential to have our sophisticated experts, with years of experiences, insight and skill, to make fine adjustments to adapt to manufacturing conditions. The combination of state-of-the-art facilities, science and the sophisticated expert skills leads to stable production of high-quality products that only Sunsho Pharmaceutical can deliver.
  • Moldings in the 0.1mm level precision and film adjustment technology making a distinctive difference

  • film adjustment technology
  • The diversity of capsule needs year after year is increasing the types and functions of active ingredients. This could only be addressed with precisely designed molds that eliminate film displacement and by the skills of sophisticated experts capable of regulating film thickness. Our experts’ commitment and know-how in production of products exceed expectations that satisfy all customers.