Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Sunsho Pharmaceutical is committed to being the best partner for all of our stakeholders through offering cutting-edge formulations / capsule technology, providing absolute excellence in product quality and fostering employees to become a truly trustworthy company.

Mission for clients

  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical strives to provide absolute quality that exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • We lead innovation and bring continuous technological innovation in providing cutting-edge formulations and capsules.
  • We engage with our customers and suppliers faithfully with care to achieve continuous customer satisfaction.

Mission for employees

  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical provides a safe and healthy workplace environment where employees can exert their full potential with peace of mind.
  • We offer a workplace environment based on fair evaluation ensuring employees’ growth and development.
  • We work to provide fulfilling workplaces through the proliferation of this mission and vision.

Mission for society

  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical provides solutions to healthcare and various other industries through its innovation in formulation / capsule technologies.
  • We constantly create job opportunities through stable corporate activities as a contribution to the local economy.
  • We carry out environmentally-friendly activities to assist the conservation of local natural environment.

Mission for shareholders

  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical makes optimum investments on an on-going basis to maximize our corporate value.
  • We apply cutting-edge technologies to maximize added values, thereby generating a high level of fair profits.
  • We uphold a high level of ethics in complying with relevant laws and regulations in and outside Japan for highly-transparent corporate activities.

Vision 2025

  • Being a highly trustworthy company respected by local communities and a company that employees and families can boast about to friends
  • Facilitating employees’ personal growth and boosting productivity
  • Leading innovation to achieve
    continuous growth of 10% in revenues
    and 15% in income
  • Offering the industry’s highest level
    of employee remunerations