Social Contribution with Products

Basic Concept

  • At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, we are committed to contributing to society and the health of the people. We are focused on innovative solutions that can solve issues in healthcare in conjunction with local communities.


Campaigning to prevent “Frailty” in a super-aging society.

The development of new ingredients such as "plasmalogen" and "krill oil" has played a significant role in preventing frailty, which encompasses age-related health conditions such as oral hypofunction, reduced mobility, and cognitive decline.

The Vibrant Life Committee (frailty prevention)

We have joined the "Vibrant Life Committee (frailty prevention) " of the Japan Association of Healthcare Initiatives, which aims to address the social challenge of frailty. Through this committee, we aim to contribute to society by reducing the gap between healthy life expectancy and average life expectancy.

Alternative Plant-based Soft Capsules

We have been promoting the development of plant-based soft capsules to provide an alternative for an individual who cannot consume animal-based products or choose not to due to their religious or personal preferences. Regardless of their restrictions, we are able to provide alternatives that assist in contributing to the health and well-being of all people.