Improving Employee Satisfaction

Basic concept

  • We believe that the growth of our employees is directly proportional to the growth of our company. That is why we strive to foster a positive and energetic work environment where our employees can grow and succeed. We are actively promoting various efforts to achieve this goal and ensure that our employees feel supported and valued in their work.

Developing a workplace environment that caters to the diversification of working styles.

We recognize that employees have different working styles in today’s world. To that end, we offer various options such as flex work, work from home, telecommuting, and staggered work hours. Our goal is to provide an environment that values work-life balance and enables our employees to flourish. By doing so, we encourage the growth of both our employees and the company.

Creating open workplace that encourages communication.

To ensure that we are continuously improving our workplace environment, we conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey and incorporate our employees' feedback into our practices. We also strive to create an open environment through various initiatives where employees can comfortably share their thoughts and ideas. Some of these initiatives include a mentoring program for new graduate hires, a one-on-one meeting framework, and the installation of suggestion boxes and hotlines.

Portal site

To facilitate effective communication within our organization, we use a company portal site to promptly disseminate information to all our departments and sites. By consolidating information in one central location, we promote in-house communication, which enhances employee motivation and leads to improved work efficiency.

Weekly newsletters

We send a weekly email newsletter to all our employees, which includes items such as a message from the president, introductions of new employees, and customer feedback. Our goal is to promote in-house communication by facilitating connections between employees and helping them get to know their colleagues better.

Virtual Gatherings

At the start of each year, we hold an in-person and virtual New Year's ceremony to reflect on the previous year, share our goals for the new year, and recognize employee and workplace excellence. Additionally, we hold remote gatherings to kick-off each new period and provide timely updates. These gatherings allow us to convey our business policies periodically across our numerous sites and maintain alignment throughout the organization.

Cross-department training

To promote interdepartmental communication and collaboration, we conduct cross-department brainstorming sessions with representatives from manufacturing, back-office, sales, and other departments. Through these meetings, we refine our Code of Conduct and promote employee interest in other departments. This helps to build a network of connections and streamline communication across different parts of the organization.

Promoting Diversity

We are committed to promoting diversity in our workplace, and actively support the recruitment of women to management-level positions as well as the employment of foreign nationals. As of March 2021, we have nine women in management-level positions (including two executive officers) and 27 foreign employees from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Colombia working at Sunsho Pharmaceutical. We believe that promoting diversity increases opportunities for employees to thrive and contributes to the success of our company.

Ms. E (foreign nationality)

- What was your previous job and your reason for joining Sunsho Pharmaceutical? I was previously a salesman at a trading company. As it was a trading company, I simply sold customers finished products that we obtained from our suppliers. I joined Sunsho Pharmaceutical because I was attracted to their stance of selling “products that fit the customer’s needs.”

- How do you find the working environment at Sunsho Pharmaceutical? I currently work in the overseas health food sales division, where people can freely exchange opinions regardless of seniority, so I find it very pleasant to work there. In addition, there is a flex time system, which allows me to maintain my work-life balance.

- What do you hope to do at Sunsho Pharmaceutical in the future? I hope to be able to introduce Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s dosage forms and company ingredients, which are the company’s strengths, to untapped markets, and develop high-quality products that meet the local needs. In addition, Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s technologies can be used in various fields other than health foods, so I hope to discover new applications and generate new demand.

Mr. O

- How do you find the working environment at Sunsho Pharmaceutical? Employees are close to one another, which makes it easy to communicate. In addition to our regular conversations, one-on-one meetings were introduced in 2021, which increased opportunities to talk in depth with superiors and subordinates.
This has improved my work output through in-depth conversations with all levels.

- How easy is it for you to challenge yourself at Sunsho Pharmaceutical? I think the greatest factor is that the company itself sets challenges and continues to grow. This creates an environment where employees are able to and are encouraged to take on new challenges, regardless of age or experience.
We are a young company, so there are many areas where challenges are presented. The energy of my colleagues taking on challenges encourages me to try harder as well.

- What do you want to do in the future? I want to create an environment where employees can be proud of their company and fulfill dreams. It goes without saying that Sunsho Pharmaceutical provides products that contribute to healthy life expectancy, but in addition, it is “a company that allows employees to challenge themselves and grow,” “a company that provides a good work-life balance,” and “a company that is prepared for various risks,” etc. There are many things I want to contribute to the company, and I want to help the company realize their objectives one at a time.

Employee satisfaction survey

Since 2019, we have been conducting a yearly employee satisfaction survey, which evaluates job satisfaction across10 questions on a scale of 1 to 4.
In 2020, we received responses from 89% of our employees (86% in FY2019), and the company-wide average for each question was 2.6 to 3.0, which exceeds the median of 2.5.