Capsule makes Innovation.


Delivering innovative products to pioneer new markets with customers…
To this end, Sunsho Pharmaceutical continues to refine its
technologies and development / production structures.

Three strengths of Sunsho Pharmaceutical

Three Strengths

Sunsho Pharmaceutical uses its three strengths to assist customers’ product development.

Products and Services

Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s solutions are built on its advanced formulation technology and services.

New Applications

Sunsho Pharmaceutical leverages its three strengths to help a variety of industries develop innovative products.

  • New Applications
  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s expertise in capsule formulations’ characteristics and strengths are combined with its know-how for making maximum use of them to materialize unique concepts.

    New Applications


Sunsho Pharmaceutical is taking on a variety of projects and initiatives. Find out the details here.

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