Sunsho Pharmaceutical boasts a top-class market share in Japan in contract manufacturing of health foods and pharmaceutical products. We take pride in being a business where our numerous employees can contribute to people’s well-being, and we strive to achieve continuous business growth with our cutting-edge skills in formulation technology and unparalleled manufacturing prowess. The growth of employees is indispensable for the growth of the company. In order to achieve our mission and to grow as a company and as an individual, we have embodied our vision/mission and developed the code of conduct that serves as the cornerstone of our everyday behavior.

For those joining Sunsho Pharmaceutical mid-career, we hope that you will take advantage of your previous experiences and expertise to grow along with our employees. We have a personnel system that evaluates achievements regardless of age, gender, nationality, and academic background, and we were also quick to set up a remote working environment and are focused on allowing our employees to work in ways that further fulfill their potential. We call upon all those who identify with our mission/vision, those who seek further growth in an environment that encourages advancement, those who wish to contribute to making people’s lives richer and more comfortable, and those who feel a sense of accomplishment in contributing to a sustainable society to come work with us at Sunsho Pharmaceutical, which is focused on developing a new field of business in addition to our health food and pharmaceutical businesses, taking advantage of the infinite potential of our strength in formulation technology and manufacturing skills. We await your application.


How many days off per year?
120 days. The work schedule follows the company calendar, but employees get two full days off per week.
Also, employees are granted paid vacation days from the day they join the company, and we encourage employees to take paid vacation time. (The number of paid vacation days depends on the month in which the employee joined the company.)
However, as manufacturing jobs involve shift work, the conditions of paid vacation time may differ.
What is the average age of employees?
The average age is 38.1. Our company is characterized by a workplace in which employees flourish through friendly competition, regardless of seniority.
Are there any foreign employees?
We have many foreign employees. We have employees from countries such as China, Mongolia, Colombia, and Indonesia working not only in manufacturing jobs but also globally in overseas sales, etc. Our recruitment process focuses on the individual and their career rather than nationality or gender.
Can I work remotely?
Rather than “work from home,” we use the term “remote work,” and aim to provide a flexible way of working. These flexible ways of working include “working with people from the same department but at different sites,” “reducing office work as much as possible by developing the online environment,” and “using flex work to fit one’s lifestyle,” etc.
However, manufacturing jobs require working at the factory and thus, remote work is not possible.
Do you offer support for childbirth and childcare?
We hope you work with us for a long time at each life stage.
We strive to create an environment that makes it easy to work for our female employees by offering maternity leave, childcare leave, and reduced working hours for childcare after returning to work.
There is also an increasing number of male employees who take childcare leave.
Is it possible to commute by car? (Shizuoka workers)
Yes. We provide a free parking lot for employees at each of our sites.
Most of our Shizuoka workers commute by private car, and we also offer a gas allowance (with an upper limit).
What is the code of conduct?
The code of conduct outlines in detail “how employees should act and behave” in their daily routine.
By implementing the code of conduct, we aim to establish a corporate culture that allows employees to work with confidence and pride both as an individual and as a team, where all the people who work at Sunsho Pharmaceutical share the same values and continue to grow towards the same high goals, and where we can explore new business opportunities and challenges.
For previous mid-career hires, what kind of professional backgrounds did they have?
Many people have joined us from industries other than the pharmaceutical/health food industry, and have contributed greatly to our business by leveraging their previous experiences. We have hired people with many different professional backgrounds and positions, such as from pharmaceutical companies, financial securities firms, machinery manufacturers, food manufacturers, and IT companies, etc. People who have joined us have successfully achieved at Sunsho Pharmaceutical what they could not achieve at their previous workplace or had hoped to try out.

Non-graduate recruitment information

Contact us for more details about non-graduate recruitment.

Overseas sales

Work descriptionSales of our OEM business for formulation technologies (e.g. capsules and tablets)
Qualifications and experiences * Work experience as a sales rep overseas
* Experience of new account development overseas
* English proficiency on the business level
Days offFive-day work week (a total of 120 days off per year on Saturdays, Sundays and other days specified by the company)
Golden Week holiday week, summer holidays and Year-End and New Year holiday period available
Working hours Flex time system (eight standard hours per day)
* Standard working period: 9:00 – 18:00
Work siteTokyo Office (Oi, Shinagawa-ku)
WageDetermined according to the company’s employment regulations in consideration of experiences and skills
Remunerations and employee welfare Three bonus payments per year (June, December, March) and annual wage increase
Housing allowance, family allowance, commuting expenses paid according to internal regulations, retirement benefit system available, various other social insurance benefits provided

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