CSR Activities

Initiatives toward SDGs

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit,
Sunsho Pharmaceutical is implementing various initiatives in business activities and our work environment
to establish a sustainable society.

  • Contribution to society through products

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical strives to contribute to the health and well-being for all people and the society we live in through the development of innovative products.

Campaigning to “Preventing Frailty” in the super-aged society

The development of new ingredients such as plasmalogen and krill oil has contributed to preventing frailty, which involves age-related health conditions such as oral hypofunction, reduced mobility and cognitive decline.

Using sea squirts from Miyagi to support reconstruction of the Tohoku region

We only use sea squirts caught in Miyagi to produce plasmalogen, an ingredient that has been attracting attention for its potential to prevent dementia. This helps support reconstruction of the Tohoku region.

Providing plant-based soft capsules to deliver health foods to people of all dietary requirements

We have actively promoted the development of plant-based soft capsules so as to deliver health foods for those who cannot or choose not to ingest animal-based foods for religious reasons or personal preference. This contributes to the health and well-being for all people.

  • Enhancement of employee satisfaction

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical promotes various initiatives to realise a workplace environment where all employees can work with peace of mind.

Developing a workplace environment that accommodates diversified work styles

We offer various work styles including flex-time, remote work and staggered work hours. This reflects our appreciation of work-life balance and secure workplaces, facilitating growth of both employees and the company.

Establishing a workplace environment with smooth communication

We have an annual “employee satisfaction survey” to identify and reflect employee feedback to the workplace environment. Other initiatives for improving workplace communication include support for new graduates / new recruits under the mentor program, one-on-one meetings, installation of suggestion boxes and internal / external hotlines for consultation.

Promoting workforce diversity

We actively encourage female managerial appointments and the employment of non-Japanese workers to establish a diverse workplace environment. As of March 2021, Sunsho Pharmaceutical has nine female senior managers (including two executive officers) and 27 non-Japanese employees (from China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Columbia).

  • Contribution to local communities

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical contributes to local communities through actively employing local graduates, organizing community clean-up and supporting local events.

Promoting local environmental activities

As a member of the Fuji Nanryo Forest Saver Project, we have been involved in the Nanryo Forestation Campaign and the Nanryo Forest Festival to promote the establishment of enriched relations between humans and the forest. Some employees have volunteered to carry out periodical clean-up of areas around our plants and offices for community beautification.

Offering work experience opportunities and actively promoting local recruitment

We offer work experience opportunities, e.g. inviting students from universities in Shizuoka and senior high schools in Fuji / Fujinomiya cities for workplace tours, and accepting interns from the Shizuoka Prefectural Fuji Special Needs School, while also making active efforts to recruit local students.

  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical has been named as a “Local Future Leading Company” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under its program for recognizing businesses that could serve as a central leader in driving local economy.
  • Mitigation of the environmental impact

    Sunsho Pharmaceutical has adopted “Environmental Targets 2030” for promoting environmental activities in a bid to contribute to the environmental conservation of local communities through environmentally-friendly activities.
  • Greenhouse gases (mainly CO2)

    Achieving 20% reduction in CO2 equivalent by 2030

  • Waste volume

    Achieving 20% reduction in CO2 equivalent by 2030

  • Water usage

    Achieving 20% reduction in CO2 equivalent by 2030

  • Paperless

    Achieving 20% reduction in CO2 equivalent by 2030

  • Zero industrial accident for good health

    Under the company-wide safety goal of “zero industrial accident,” Sunsho Pharmaceutical is working toward building a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Expanding and maintaining safety education

We are working toward eliminating any industrial accidents by repeatedly offering practical and more realistic safety education programs, e.g. safety classes based on original video, practical workshops in line with actual work processes and seminars based on participants’ workplace roles.

Promoting and reinforcing risk assessment

We identify risks concerning industrial safety, organic solvents and chemical substances and reflect the insight to Kaizen activities, trainings and employee education to build a safe and secure workplace environment.

Promoting mental and physical well-being

We provide health guidance, implement infectious disease control measures and impose a company-wide ban on smoking for health promotion, while also making efforts such as establishing a mental health management office to build a workplace environment where all employees can explore their full work potential in good health.

  • Sunsho Pharmaceutical has been certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization under a government program for recognizing companies that examine employees’ health from a business management perspective and act on improving it strategically.
    (2021, the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise category)