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CSR Activities

At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, we are involved in health-related industries, and our main business is to make a contribution, however small, to the health life of the nation while carrying out CSR activities with a focus on social issues and the issues of regional communities.


Private NPO that provides physical and mental support for children who have lost parents to disease, disasters or suicide, and to children whose parents are unable to work due to severe physical impediments.
Managed entirely through donations without any government subsidies or grants.
Activity details: We have made donations since the company was established.

Doctors Without Borders

Private international non-profit medical care and humanitarian aid group.
Provides opportunities for examinations and treatment for people that require medical care.

Fuji Harness Guide Dog Association

The first institution in Japan with the aim of providing lifelong total care for guide dogs.

Shizuoka Community Chest

A fund-raising activity based on a spirit of mutual cooperation and the efforts of volunteers to support the public welfare activities of prefectural social welfare corporations and NPOs.

Hatachi Fund

A fund to provide continuous support until the age of 20 for children from the disaster area of the Great East Japan Earthquake who were younger than 1 year old at the time of the disaster.

HOIPPO Project (NPO Public Policy Support Group)

An NPO Public Policy Support Group-based initiative that is being conducted at Himawari Farm in Minamisoma City in order to promote farming and new industry.
Activity details: Purchase of strawberries harvested in the HOIPPO Project

Japan Committee for UNICEF

This agency has the mission to establish treaties regarding the rights of children and to realize the fundamental human rights of children, and it carries out activities so that children around the world can live healthy and peaceful lives.

Japan Red Cross Society

A humanitarian society that carries out activities based on the seven principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
Activity details: Blood donations made by employees at a mobile blood bank

Environmental conservation activities

Fujisan Club

This agency carries out activities for the preservation of the natural environment on Mount Fuji in order to pass on this wonderful treasure that is the pride of Japan to future generations
Activity details: Mount Fuji cleaning activities carried out by employees

Sunsho Pharmaceutical Environmental Committee

Activity details: Cleaning activities carried out by employees in the local area

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