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Corporate Profile

Established November 1993
Capital stock 50 million yen
Chairman and CEO Seiichiro Matsumura
No. of employees 710 (As of April 2019)
Transactional banks The Shizuoka Bank,Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, MUFG Bank,Ltd., Mizuho Bank,Ltd., The Shimizu Bank,Ltd.
Main business activities 1. Planning, development and outsourced manufacturing of health-foods, medicinal products, non-medicinal products, cosmetics, general foodstuffs and sundries, etc.
●Outsourced pharmaceutical production: Soft capsules, hard capsules, seamless capsules, tablets, Tablate®, granules, jellies, mini-drinks, etc.
●Outsourced packaging: All kinds of packaging, including PTP packaging, stick packaging, three-sided seal packaging, three-sided assorted packaging, bottle opening three-sided seal packaging, bottle opening stick packaging, pillow packaging, aluminum laminated zip packaging, bags, bottles and boxes, etc.
●Selection/arrangement of raw materials and packaging materials2. Development of raw materials: Cultivation, extraction, concentration, fermentation, purification, pulverization and sterilization

3. Investigation of industrial property rights such as patents and trademarks, literature research, scientific information research, and product planning

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