Corporate Profile/Greeting

Company name
Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
November 1993
Capital stock
86,889,000 yen
Chairman and CEO
Yasuhiko Ishikawa
No. of employees
720(As of April 2020)
Transactional banks
The Shizuoka Bank,Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,
MUFG Bank,Ltd., Mizuho Bank,Ltd., The Shimizu Bank,Ltd.
Main business

1. Planning, development and outsourced manufacturing of health-foods,medicinal products, non-medicinal products,cosmetics,
general foodstuffs and sundries, etc.
●Outsourced pharmaceutical production: Soft capsules, hard capsules,seamless capsules, tablets, Tablate®, granules, jellies, mini-drinks, etc.
●Outsourced packaging: All kinds of packaging, including
PTP packaging, stick packaging, three-sided seal packaging, three-sided assorted packaging, bottle opening three-sided seal packaging,
bottle opening stick packaging, pillow packaging, aluminum laminated zip packaging, bags, bottles and boxes, etc.
●Selection/arrangement of raw materials and packaging materials.
2. Development of raw materials: Cultivation, extraction, concentration,
fermentation, purification, pulverization and sterilization
3. Investigation of industrial property rights such as patents and trademarks, literature research, scientific information research, and product planning

Head Office :
1468 Atsuhara, Fuji, Shizuoka 419-0201 Japan
+81-545-87-5072/ +81-545-73-0611
Other Office
Ooiwa Office
533-2 Ooiwa,Fujinomiya,Shizuoka 418-0013 Japan +81-544-25-7799/+81-544-25-7744
Tokyo Sales Offiice
NT Bldg.7F,1-47-1,Oi,shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 140-0014 Japan +81-3-6429-9340/+81-3-6809-9701
Osaka Sales Offiice
No.3 Nakajima Bldg. 10F 5-11-10 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city Osaka 532-0011 Japan +81-6-6301-1766/+81-6-6301-1755
Oobuchi factory
4527-7 Obuchi,Fujinomiya,Shizuoka 417-0801 Japan
Kuzawa factory
1648-1 Kuzawa,Fujinomiya,Shizuoka 419-0202 Japan
Atsuhara factory
1468 Atsuhara, Fuji, Shizuoka 419-0201 Japan +81-545-87-5072/ +81-545-73-0611
Nanryo factory
12 Nanryo,Fujinomiya,Shizuoka 418-0019 Japan
NSF International, FDA Food Facility Registration ,
Pharmaceutical products production permit, Japan Health and
Nutrition Food Association GMP, cGMP, HACCP
Customer profile
Major supplement brand owner, Pharmaceutical company,
Mega chain store, MLM etc
Yasuhiko Ishikawa

Yasuhiko Ishikawa

Chairman and CEO​

Since its founding in 1993, Sunsho Pharmaceutical has been providing OEM services for health foods, medicinal products, and more. As the aging population increases and people become more health conscious, the health food industry has shown strong growth, and Sunsho Pharmaceutical’s business has also steadily expanded. When considering the future of health-food related industries, there are already signs of the changes to come, such as stricter regulations, broader range of customer needs, globalization of the industry, and restructuring within the OEM industry. With this in mind, in 2014, we decided to partner with the Carlyle Group to make a new start with an eye toward the future. We have already dramatically expanded production capacity by investing in new plants, while also striving to improve productivity and quality. Additionally, by assembling a diverse group of talented management personnel, we are striving to improve all of our business processes, including the management processes. We will also work harder than ever to not only passively provide manufacturing services, but to develop applications based on our technological developments for soft capsules and seamless capsules as well.
There is an active debate regarding work-style reforms, and while aiming to improve the productivity of each and every employee and providing fair treatment to all, it is essential for us to pursue a work style that puts all of our lives first. Consideration for the environment is also becoming increasingly important. We believe that by actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and becoming the most trusted and beloved company in Fuji, Fujinomiya, and Shizuoka Prefecture, where Sunsho Pharmaceuticals was first founded, we can meet the expectations of those who have supported us since the very beginning.
We kindly ask for your continued support and encouragement.

Past Contracts

Number of customers 676

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Introduce Salespersons

Chen Liang

Chen Liang

DS sales manager

Taking charge of Greater China. Be sure to export to Chinese Market by general trading efficiently and safely. Responding to your various requirements speedy is our goal.

Shuichi Matsumoto

Shuichi Matsumoto

Industrial sales manager

In charge of capsule applications
for industrial products Providing not
only state-of-the-art capsule
technology, but high-quality final
products, as well as second-to-none
customer support services.


Inquiries about outsourcing OEM of health foods

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